Pininfarina Cambiano carved from wood for furniture show

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You may remember the Pininfarina Cambiano as the creation that walked away with the honor of being named the most beautiful concept at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show. The design house decided to commemorate the honor by crafting something else special for the 2012 Milan Furniture Show.

Pininfarina turned to the craftsmen at Riva 1920 to put together a wood sculpture in the Cambiano's image. The piece is hewn from reclaimed Venice briccola wood – the same stuff that makes up all those mooring poles in the famous Italian city.

The 36-foot beams each carry unique markings, both from the lagoon water and the aquatic organisms that call the posts home. The result is a sculpture with many unique colors and markings.

Riva 1920 used the same wood to create the interior elements of the original Cambiano. Hit the jump for the full press release.
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The Cambiano by Pininfarina becoming a wooden sculpture
for the 2012 Milan Furniture Show

A sculpture in Venice briccola wood that reproduces a full scale Pininfarina Cambiano, elected the "most beautiful concept car at the Geneva 2012", on display on the Riva 1920 stand

The Idea 40 kitchen for Snaidero, the modular Alyon divan for Calligaris, the Prima bathroom line for BluForm, a lamp in recycled cask wood for the Community of San Patrignano

Turin, 18 April 2012 – The 2012 edition of the Milan Furniture Show presents an array of new Pininfarina-signed designs. The Company's historic cooperation with Snaidero has generated the new Idea 40 kitchen. For Calligaris, Pininfarina has designed the new Alyon modular divan. The Prima bathroom line is the result of a new cooperation agreement with BluForm. And there had to be some reference to the world of cars: in fact the Riva 1920 stand is showing a wooden sculpture reproducing in full scale the Cambiano concept car presented by Pininfarina at the recent Geneva Motor Show.

After being elected "the most beautiful concept car of 2012 Geneva Motor Show" and ready for the upcoming Asia-Pacific debut at the Beijing Motor Show, the Cambiano by Pininfarina becomes a sculpture entirely done in Venice briccola wood showing a full scale reproduction of the lines and volumes of the concept car. A new project born out of cooperation between Pininfarina, Riva, the SCM Group and Licom System, displayed starting from today at the most important furniture and interior design Show. The wood of the briccole, the posts of European oak used to mark the navigation channels in the Venice lagoon, was also used on the original concept car for the floor and the entire low part of the cabin.

Riva1920, a historical Italian producer of solid wood furniture that has been working with Pininfarina Extra for over ten years, had the brilliant idea of recuperating the wood of these 12 metre poles, thousands of which are replaced every year. The wood is marked by the lagoon water and by marine microorganisms, which come alive again, creating a new manufact that is destined to last. Following the same principle, Riva1920 has created all the wooden elements for the interior of the Cambiano, using numerical control milling machine followed by manual final polishing and oiling. The result is surprising and evocative. The material is about to embark on its third lease of life, and it reveals its unique texture and the wear and tear of passing time: the holes made by the marine molluscs are still visible on the surface. Not only. This complex, delicate technological craftsmanship makes the interior of the Cambiano something unique that expresses an outstanding level of creativity and experience, thanks to this eco-friendly re-use of a natural, discarded material with the enormous evocative force of the huge cultural, emotional and artistic dimension attributed to Venice all over the world.

Among the new interior design projects by Pininfarina at the Furniture Show, the new kitchen Snaidero Idea 40, which joins other models signed by Pininfarina over the past 20 years: the Ola, Viva, Idea, Acropolis, Venus and Ola 20. Reinterpret a classic with a modern, rational approach mixing severity with elegance: that was Snaidero's ambitious challenge for refurbishing its Idea kitchen, the first ever handle-free kitchen. Created in 1972, the Idea line was an immediate success as an elegant design with clean-cut contours based on a balance of severe volumes and plays of softly delicate features. In 2000 Snaidero commissioned Pininfarina to carry out a restyling and the model was given a new freshness, in addition to elegance and refinement. In 2000 the project also won the Chicago Design Atheneum Good Design Award.

In 2012 Snaidero is presenting a new Idea interpretation with Pininfarina. Neater, more severe, more technological. Idea 40 (it is exactly 40 years since the first edition) is a seductive combination of design, rationality and top quality materials, formal balance and uncompromising technology. A message of order, austerity, simplicity and aesthetic purity. Minimalism that is "toned down" by an emotional use of materials and surface treatments. With Idea 40 Snaidero relaunches high gloss metallic lacquers, a technology that the company introduced in the '90s through its cooperation with Pininfarina, which had imported it from the automotive sector. Alongside Idea 40, the Snaidero stand presents another kitchen designed by Pininfarina, the Ola 20, which won the Good Design Award in 2011.
One year after the great success of the Orbital extendable table which won the 2012 Interior Innovation Award, Pininfarina is back working with home design leader Calligaris: the Furniture Show sees the debut of the Alyon, an innovative padded seat project. Absolutely leading edge with readily recognisable aesthetics, the Alyon is an integrated system of padded seats, surfaces and compartments with accessories. It is available in various compositions – including units for small spaces – with a corner piece, chaise-longue and decorative cushions. The seats conceal poufs/containers and drawers. The pouf has a stiff padded surface and conceals a compartment and a handy cushion which can be removed and laid on the surface to turn the pouf into a comfortable seat. The unmistakable Pininfarina touch marks the sculptural support of the chaise-longue which recalls the details of luxury cars.

Prima, the new Bluform Design bath concept, is the outcome of a mix of Pininfarina's stylistic research and the Italian-made production of BluForm, which has been creating bathroom furniture and fixtures for more than twenty years. Soft lines inspired by flowing water define the refined ergonomics of the entirely modular furnishing, the walk-in shower done in glass and Korakril® (Polyester free) and tub in Korakril® (Polyester free) in the wall or corner versions, both recessed and free standing. The use of exclusively Italian materials is combined with tailor-made production and the high quality handmade finish of every piece at the BluForm plant, in cooperation with the top local craftsmen.

Also present at the Show are social initiatives like the project "Barrique, the third life of wood", born out of an idea of the Riva brothers who invited 31 international designers to design an object without any fixed brief but employing the wood recycled from the casks used by the Community of San Patrignano. Pininfarina participated in this project designing and producing a lamp with the aim of preserving the origin of the wood which carries the signs of three grape harvests, so responding also to the aesthetics of the exclusive object made with a single material. Leaving unaltered the hoop which characterises the side of the cask, Pininfarina has inserted LED light technology to the wood of the aged barrique. The cask wood, which would otherwise have been destroyed, is thus given a new life and becomes an object of design in line with the philosophy of San Patrignano where the inmates live an experience which helps them take a new direction. The lamp produced by Pininfarina will be shown at the exhibition "Barrels reborn at San Patrignano", inaugurated today at the Furniture Show. The project will be entirely donated to San Patrignano and the products, produced by the inmates themselves, will later be sold through the Community's commercial network.

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