Biggest Rebate Ever? Maybach buyers to get $100,000 spiff

Our sister site, AOL Autos, just dug up one of the largest rebates we've ever seen on a new car. If, for some reason, you must have a Maybach before the brand ceases production altogether, you may in line to snag a tidy $100,000 rebate. Daimler previously let slip that the company will kill the ultra-luxury brand in 2013 and replace it with a new high-end Mercedes-Benz S600 Pullman. Given that Maybach models never exactly jumped off of the showroom floor, we're guessing the German automaker needs all the help it can get moving the Type 57 and Type 62.

Even with $100,000 off the sticker price, you'll still need a suitcase full of C notes to take one of these machines home. The entry-level Type 57 commands a $376,300 MSRP while the Type 62 starts at $427,700. Even at those prices, reports suggest the the company lost a staggering $500,000 on each and every model it sold. It's a wonder the marque stayed around as long as it did.

Maybach 57 Information

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