We've spilled equal parts ink and drool over the new Vintage Series wheels from HRE. The pieces invoke all sorts of bedroom poster memories from our misspent youth, and seeing them bolted to some of our favorite modern supercars is enough to invoke a guaranteed smile.

The guys at StanceWorks have featured a particularly moving combination. One Ferrari 458 Italia owner opted for a set of 505s in matte bronze as an homage to the legendary P4/5. The combination Ferrari red and those fat five spokes is absolutely sublime.

If you're rolling your eyes at the thought of yet another garage queen getting a new set of shoes, take heart in the knowledge that this particular 458 is owned by a gentleman who isn't afraid to put miles on the clock. In just three months, the owner has rolled the odometer up to 6,000 miles, which means this car has had the opportunity to stretch its legs on more than one occasion. Perfection.

Scroll down for a quick video of the car by our friends at eGarage, and be sure to crank the volume toward the end.

Ferrari 458 Italia Vintage HRE wheels from eGarage on Vimeo.

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Ferrari 458 Italia

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