Plug In America members sure like to point out how much better their cars are than regular gas vehicles. The latest video version of this message shows a happy Chevrolet Volt driver – but not the way GM portrays them – who goes through the list of ways a plug-in car benefits the driver and society.

Sure, the video is about as subtle as a baseball bat with nails in it smashing into your face – after you've already been hit in the groin – but it's also effective at communicating a simple message: if you plug your car in, you avoid a whole heap of nasty effects: money leaving the country, worrying about high gas prices and a smog-filled environment.

The production quality isn't that high, but who's counting? If you want slicker pro-plug-in ads with some star power, you can always look at the PSAs that Plug In America made a year and a half ago.

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