If you've never played Reckless Racing 2, odds are you've taken the helm of similar games in the past. Players are given control of a vehicle viewed from above as it bashes its way around a dirt track with other cars.

Sony Ericsson recently partnered up with noted car hacker James Brighton to create a real-life version of Reckless Driving 2 using a pair of droptop MG models and Sony's new Xperia Studio smartphone. Sony and Brighton then invited Martin Noriander, the developer behind Reckless Racing 2, and journalist Hunter Skipworth to compete head-to-head with the real-life cars.

Who came out on top? We won't spoil it for you, but we will say there was a good bit of carnage as the duo tried to manipulate their chariots around the course. See below to check out the quick video for yourself.

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