eBay Find of the Day: Electric-powered 1937 Cord replica, just $155,000

OK, so you could buy a Tesla Roadster and have enough left over for a Chevy Volt instead, but sometimes originality and a can't-miss paint job is worth it.

That's one way to consider this auction on eBay, where the seller is pitching a battery-electric powered replica of a 1937 Cord "Coffin Nose" Speedster for a cool $155,000 (Buy It Now. The current price is a much lower $45,000, but the "Reserve Is Not Met." There are zero bids thus far).

The vehicle, patterned after a model that debuted at the 1936 World's Fair, has a fiberglass body, an aluminum frame, "leather ostrich" interior and a bright "Lamborghini orange" paint job that's loud enough to more than offset the quiet whir of the car's electric motor, according to the eBay ad. The Florida-based seller is "selling this car for a friend" and says the vehicle has a single-charge range of about 80 miles.

The car was made by North Carolina-based Speedster Motorcar Sales, which says on its website that it has been building replicas of classic cars from the 1930s for three decades. That company also makes replicas of models such as the 1935 Auburn 851 and the 1937 Cord 810 Sportsman.

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