Canadian brochure reveals updated 2012 Suzuki Grand Vitara Urban

It's more a rear-lift than a facelift, since only the back end has changed on the 2012 Suzuki Grand Vitara Urban offered in Canada. There are two noteworthy changes for the decontented model, the first being that Suzuki swapped the full-sized spare tire for a temporary "donut" spare and moved it from the rear gate to underneath the floor of the cargo area.

The other big change is the price: a current Vitara JL starts at $28,135 CAD, the revised model goes down in price to $26,995 CAD. For comparison, that new price equates to $27,007 USD, nearly $1,700 more expensive than the base price of the top-dog Grand Vitara Limited AT 4WD, which starts at $25,379 USD here.

It's been speculated that the changes are meant to lure more female customers (Vitara buyers are 60-percent male). Other specs and features haven't changed, which appears to make this a stopgap while everyone waits on the 2013 Grand Vitara, which will sit on a stretched version of the Kizashi platform.

Suzuki Grand Vitara Information

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