Englewood, N.J. Woman Makes "Wall Of Shame" With $102K In Toll Bridge Fines

She claims her drug addicted son used her car and skipped the tolls

Jean Davis owes the New Jersey Port Authority $102,141 in fines – more than any other individual – but claims it's because of her drug addicted son.

Davis made the Port Authority's recently released "Wall of Shame," a list consisting of individuals and companies that owe the most money to the state due to unpaid tolls and fees. Though she owes more than $100,000, she is actually only number 12 on the list, which is dominated by rental companies, one of which owes more than $1.7 million.

Davis' son, 52-year-old recovering drug-addict Peter Davis, took the blame for the staggering amount of fees. He told the NY Post that he would borrow her car and drive across the George Washington Bridge in order to buy cocaine in New York City.

"When you're addicted like that you don't think of he consequences. You have other things on your mind," he told the Post. "I knew it was inevitable. I knew there would be consequences sooner or later."

Those consequences, however, have been passed onto his mother.

"If I could have killed him and gotten away with it, I would have," she told the Post.

"The ones that are owed now, I'm simply not able to pay. It's something that's owed and it rankles me because it is in my name. I don't need this aggravation; I'm aggravated enough by the fact he did it. If he pays them then good for him, but I can't do that."

The Port Authority has recently been ramping up efforts to collect fees from individuals and companies.

"Starting today, the Port Authority is adopting a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to toll violators at Port Authority bridges and tunnels," P.A. Executive Director Pat Foye said. "The names of the most egregious violators - both individuals and commercial drivers - will now appear on the Port Authority's website for all to see."

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