Jaguar considering track-focused XKR-S

2012 Jaguar XKR-S
2012 Jaguar XKR-S
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Items like the thick, cross-stiched leather, touchscreen navigation and a Bowers & Wilkins stereo hide just how wild the Jaguar XKR-S is. Without them you'd be overcome by the scent of a feral carnivore with blood on its breath, which is what the hottest coupe in Jaguar's portfolio really is. Yet Jaguar is thinking about removing the XKR-S' urbane coverings and producing a street-legal track version that would drop weight and lap times, according to a report in Car and Driver.

Jaguar isn't yet saying if such a model would add to the established production run of 300, or be included in that original allotment. It's speculated that track-day equipment like a fire-suppression system and different gauges could appear, but an included roll-cage is a bigger question mark.

As Jaguar figures out where it needs to apply its resources to hone its brand perception and up its sales, perhaps a top-end customer racer to challenge the best from Porsche and Aston and Audi is just what it needs.

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