Penn Jillette tweets about his new love: the Nissan Leaf

On February 6, Penn Jillette – also known as "more than 1/2 (by weight) of Penn & Teller," the comedy duo, got himself a Nissan Leaf. He announced to the world, "Here I am with the first Nissan leaf in all of Vegas. It is mine! I'm all hydro electric." Since then, he's been tweeting up a storm about the all-electric car. The main message? He loves it but don't you dare call him a greenie.

For example, the prolific Tweeter, who usually replies to any of his 1.7 million followers who contact him, Tweeted: "Can't answer everyone right now, but I'm liking the Leaf. It's charging in my garage right now. I love being an early adopter. Thanks." He also said, "I'm not fooling myself I'm saving the earth, I'm just an early adopter." This idea gets repeated many times over the course of a few days, and he admits "yeah, we did a Bullsh*t on that, there's no free energy and electric is no better."

Bullsh*t is the name of Penn & Teller's TV show. The duo performs a regular show in Las Vegas, and Jillette said, "I will plug it in at the Rio outside the Penn & Teller Theater and charge it there." So, if you're in Sin City and you see a white Leaf cruising the streets, give Penn a wave. He might just Tweet about it.

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