Chevy goes big with Volt theme at Chicago Auto Show booth

Chicago 2012 Chevrolet Volt Booth
Chicago 2012 Chevrolet Volt Booth
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The Chevrolet Volt is on display in a big way at the Chicago Auto Show, mostly because GM wants you to try one out. To get you behind the wheel, the promotions team on site in the Windy City is offering three different Volt experiences to anyone who's interested. The three options are "performance," "safety" and "charging" and all that really means is that, when you walk from the show floor to where the cars are parked, you get a spiel targeted to whatever topic you're most interested in. Once you get downstairs, you get to drive – or ride in – a Volt on a short road course. All told, the experience takes 30 minutes.

GM is operating similar Volt public test drives at events around the country, including races and auctions like Barret-Jackson. With the car on sale for over a year and sales numbers still running a little lower than expected, we can understand this continued public outreach. The system is cyclical, too, as GM uses peoples' participation in the short test drives to attract more test drivers. Little lipstick cameras in the test Volts record reactions and the videos will be edited post haste and displayed in the booth later. GM is also showing longer Volt owner testimonials in the booth, including one from Matt Stehouwer, who started

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