VW's next-gen infotainment (Autoblog).
The all-new Modular Infotainment System on the upcoming Volkswagen Golf could set new marks for both high-end and entry-level navigation and connectivity.

The 2013 Golf, which enters the European market later this year, features three new systems, ranging from a 5-inch touchscreen, a 5.8-inch unit and a full 8-inch version that contains an 800-by-450 resolution screen and the same NVIDIA Tegra 3 processor set to debut in future Audi models.

The system will also include handwriting recognition software, that lets drivers skip the soft keyboard and write out their destinations. Volkswagen is also exploring the inclusion of Mirror Link functionality, which can mirror a smart phone's navigation display. An internet connection via tethering could also be a possibility, along with the option to create a WLAN hotspot.

Officials also say the head unit will have proximity sensors, which detect the driver's hand in relation to the screen. They can sense which side of the screen the driver intends to use, and then enlarge certain features to make selection easier.

Cost of each system will not be known until the Golf reaches the European market later this fall; it's slated to arrive in the U.S. in 2013. Volkswagen officials assure everyone they will be priced to compete with their competitors.

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