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Tesla Model X to have ... "falcon" doors?

If you've been closely following the story of the soon-to-be-revealed Tesla Model X, you are likely aware that the all-electric crossover is said to be quicker than a Porsche 911, offer more interior space than an Audi Q7 and come with all-wheel drive (at least as an option). Also, if the teaser image is any indication, it should be pretty damn sexy.

What you might not know is that the feature likely to garner the most initial attention are its unique doors. Specifically, "falcon" doors. While we suspect front passengers will gain entrance to the vehicle in the traditional way, the rear portals will be decidedly different. CEO Elon Musk intimated as much when he recently tweeted, "The most interesting view of the Model X is really with the doors open."

So, what are falcon doors? Having seen photos of the Model X, Theo O'Neill of Wunderlich Securities explains that they "lift up and fold – like the wing of a bird," pivoting from the top. Apparently, this will help the Model X achieve its "functionality of a minivan" mandate, allowing easy access to attend to child car seats and such.

Though we can really only begin to decide whether this configuration is a stroke of genius or too clever by half after the official reveal on February 9 at 8:00PM, we suspect some of you might already be forming opinions. Feel free to share with the rest of the class in the comments.

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