Zamboni driver arrested for drunk driving?

A Minnesota man recently found himself too intoxicated to safely operate a Zamboni. Witnesses allege the 39-year-old man was weaving across the rink and smacked into the boards after a PeeWee C game. The rink attendant retreated back into the garage as coaches ushered players and fans away from the scene. By the time the driver parked the Zamboni, authorities were waiting for him. He then failed sobriety tests and was taken to police headquarters for a blood-alcohol test, according to The Duluth News Tribune. The wayward Zamboni operator has not been formally charged, though he was convicted of drunk driving once in 2002 and twice in 1999.

Parents took to the ice themselves to smooth out the rough spots so that the PeeWee A league could play their game.

Minnesota law is a bit murky on whether or not the man could be charged with drunk driving. The state has seen convictions for people driving under the influence on both a motorized recliner and a tractor, though the state's Court of Appeals recently ruled one can whirr about on a motorized scooter while three sheets to the wind without raising the ire of local law enforcement officers.

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