Pininfarina Cambiano concept comes into focus with two more images

The Geneva Motor Show never fails to deliver when it comes to concept cars. Unveiled alongside the latest production models, concepts represent a way for automakers to showcase where their heads are at and where they want to be going in the future. But it's not always automakers that present the concepts. Sometimes they come from design houses like Pininfarina.

These independent styling studios and engineering firms have come into some trouble lately as the automakers that used to contract their services for a variety of applications are increasingly relying on in-house departments. But Pininfarina has been resilient. Where others have closed, Pininfarina soldiers on. And this is its latest design.

Called the Cambiano after the town in which the company is based, this design study was first teased with a solitary cropped frontal image released on Facebook. Now a little over a week later, Pininfarina has released two more, showing part of the side in profile and the top from above. We'll have to wait a little longer to see more, but from what we've seen so far, the Cambiano has our interests suitably piqued.

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