It looks as if Scion may be hard at work on a new turbocharged FR-S prototype. Motor Trend nabbed a quick video of what appears to be a forced-induction version of the coupe darting around Laguna Seca. With its tall wing and sideways antics, the vehicle is likely being put through its paces by the Scion drift team, which has had to rely on specially modified TC models until now. It makes sense for the drift team to strap a turbo onto the vehicle's 2.0-liter flat four for a little extra grunt, but it's unclear if a forced-induction version of the FR-S will make its way to production.

If a hotter version of the coupe is coming down the pike, we'll have to wait for it. The first production FR-S models won't show up until summer, and any variations would trail along after that. Either way, it appears we should be able to catch a glimpse of high-performance FR-S on the Formula D circuit in no time. Hit the jump to watch the quick video for yourself.

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