See what makes Shelby SuperCars founder Jerod Shelby tick

The Dubai International Motor Show was a good one for Jerod Shelby and the SSC Tuatara. The event pulled in $13 million in pre-orders for heinously powerful supercar, far exceeding Shelby's expectations for a show that was merely supposed to show off where the Tuatara is headed. Shelby sat down with Studio One shortly after the show for a brief interview, and rather than focus on the newest creation from SSC, the show took a closer look at who Shelby is. As it turns out, the American was bitten by the speed bug at an early age, competing in national-level go-kart races from the time he was eight years old.

That early taste of challenge and competition easily translated into Shelby's desire to build a company capable of producing world-class supercars. SSC specifically engineered the company's first vehicle, the Ultimate Aero, to take the title of the fastest production car in the world from the mighty Bugatti Veyron. Shelby and SSC succeeded, sparking off a polite rivalry that carries on to this day.

Shelby even takes the time to explain the rationale behind saddling his newest creation with a name that's as difficult to pronounce as it is hard to spell. Hit the jump to check out the video for yourself as well as a brief recap of the company's experience in the Middle East.

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