Is Japan's Prius Cup the world's most boring form of motorsports?

2011 Toyota Prius
2011 Toyota Prius
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Drivers in Japan have once again taken to the track in an effort to wring maximum mileage from their Toyota hybrids. According to AutoWeek, the Prius Cup resumed this year after a two-year hiatus.

Toyota officials said they have no plans to bring the hybrid competition to the U.S., but played up their promises to compete and win at Le Mans next June with a hybrid.

Dealerships fielded teams at Fuji Speedway in Oyama, Japan, for a national championship race held on December 7. Puttering around the Formula 1 track at Fuji, at least one team managed an astounding 80 miles per gallon in their hypermiling efforts, according to the report.

But is it really racing when the drivers are attempting to maintain an average speed of 37 miles per hour and coasting up hills? We will give them credit though – at least they do turn both left and right.

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