New Cygnet videos attempt to show that supermini is worthy of Aston Martin name

What makes an Aston Martin an Aston Martin? Well, it has to be made by Aston Martin, to start with. But just what does that brand stand for? Performance, on the one hand, and luxury on the other, because Aston Martin doesn't exactly build extreme supercars, it crafts luxury GTs with prodigious levels of performance capabilities on tap.

And then there's the Cygnet. Mechanically the same as the Toyota iQ on which it's based, the Cygnet packs less than 100 horsepower – the next model up in the Aston Martin catalog has more than four times that. But Aston is keen to demonstrate that the Cygnet still offers the same levels of exclusivity, elegance, luxury and fine craftsmanship as its bigger brothers.

Whether it succeeds in convincing is up to you, so check out the pair of videos after the jump to see for yourself.

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Gaydon, Warwickshire, 14 December 2011: Aston Martin presents two new films detailing Cygnet's hand-crafted production at the company's global headquarters in the UK, and the luxury commuter car in its natural environment; the city.

The first film offers a snapshot of the craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail that goes into each individual Cygnet, giving an insight into the 150 man hours taken to produce each car.

In a second film, Cygnet is shown in action on the bustling streets of Hong Kong.

Available throughout the UK, Europe, Hong Kong and Japan, Cygnet is the bespoke Tailor-Fit city car. With its almost limitless combination of interior and exterior colours and finishes, Cygnet has generated a high level of interest, with over seventy-five percent of customers being new to the Aston Martin brand.

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