"Fun to drive" Prius G's coming with help from Toyota GAZOO racing team

There's an entire pantheon of modified versions of the Toyota Prius. From adding extra batteries to make the world's most famous hybrid a plug-in to putting on solar panels to really tweaking the aero, there's no end to what's possible, it seems. Heck, the latest came just the other day when we saw the Toyota Prius GT300 that's bound for the SuperGT.

The latest mod comes courtesy of Toyota itself (which is, after all, putting out a whole family of Prius models) and is destined for the Japanese market. Called the Prius G's, this adaptation of an S-trim, third-generation Prius has a fresh look and a revamped suspension that is supposed to make it fun to drive. J Car Blog says that the chassis has also been stiffened and the steering tweaked thanks to advice from Toyota's GAZOO Racing team drivers. The Prius G's comes with 18-inch lightweight aluminum wheels that are exclusive to this model and are wrapped with high-efficiency Dunlop tires. The powertrain apparently remains the same.

As the picture shows, the look has been spiced up, too, most dramatically the front fascia. The flow between the headlights and the gaping dark maw truly makes the front end look mean – and that's a good thing, here. A G's logo on the starter button, LED headlights and black suede seats are all included, as well. The cost for all this goodness? MSRP is 2.84 million yen ($36,600 U.S. at today's exchange rates). Worth it?

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