UAW pickets Hyundai dealerships to support Korean worker

The United Auto Workers protested outside Hyundai dealers in the U.S. last week, though not for the reasons you might think. Automotive News reports that the UAW picketed key U.S. Hyundai dealerships yesterday in response to an incident that took place halfway around the world.
The protest was in support of a Korean union employee who was reportedly fired for reporting sexual harassment at a Hyundai subcontractor. UAW spokeswoman Michele Martin was quick to point out that the union was not picketing Hyundai, and added that the move was not part of the organization's drive to organize transplant automakers.

The Hyundai dealership protest can be looked at as a warm-up for the UAW, which previously stated that it would organize U.S. operations of a foreign automaker in 2011. (That target has since been pushed further into the future.) The union has reportedly been training protesters how to demonstrate at auto dealer showrooms.

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