Future Nissan Leaf could be cheaper, may have more range, will have wireless charging option

We always expected that eventually the price of the Nissan Leaf would decrease as the numbers produced increased, and now there's word that Leaf prices will, ahem, fall with the arrival of the 2014 model. According to rumors being spread by Auto Express, the world's best-selling passenger car EV is to be slightly revised and will not only be cheaper two years hence, it will offer more range. How much cheaper and how much more range however, is as speculative as the veracity of the hearsay. What's more certain though, is the news that it will have a wireless charging option.

Ahead of the Tokyo Motor Show, Nissan was showing off some of their future tech at the Oppama plant where its Leaf is built. Amongst the EV-related items on hand were the company's Vehicle-to-House power sharing system – which will be available in Japan next summer for the low, low price of ¥500,000 ($6,444 at today's rates) – and its long-awaited wireless charger.

The electromagnetic induction unit is said to be 80 to 90 percent efficient and able to charge at rates between 3 and 6 kWs. Just park over top the flat sending unit and the charging process automatically begins, sending electricity to the receiving unit on the underside of the car. Charging status is shown on the accompanying pedestal's screen. It is said to be arriving sometime in 2013 and will only be available from the factory, so sorry, no retrofits for earlier buyers.

Although there will likely be a price premium for cutting the cord, we expect going wireless will be an attractive option to a lot of people as it makes EV ownership that much simpler. Outdoor installations would also have to worry less about vandalism. Hit the jump for video demonstrating the soon-to-be new way to charge your Leaf.

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