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Fraunhofer Institute Says Yes

Imagine a day when charging is as simple as pulling into a parking space. No cords to untangle or trip over, nothing to get your hands and pants dirty and nothing to wrap up when you're already late leaving for work. Just park your car, and forget it. That's the beauty of charging wirelessly through electromagnetic induction. It's still a nascent technology, though - as least when it comes to electric vehicles - and not without its problems.

We always expected that eventually the price of the Nissan Leaf would decrease as the numbers produced increased, and now there's word that Leaf prices will, ahem, fall with the arrival of the 2014 model. According to rumors being spread by Auto Express, the world's best-selling passenger car EV is to be slightly revised and will not only be cheaper two years hence, it will offer more range. How much cheaper and how much more range however, is as speculative as the veracity of the hearsay. What'

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