Gumpert teases new model to debut in Geneva

Gumpert looks to be making a habit of unveiling new models at the Geneva Motor Show. The company pulled the sheets back on the Tornante during this year's exhibition, and a new teaser hints that the automaker has something special planned for 2012.

The boutique automaker has dropped a shadowy image of what's likely to be the company's next supercar. Don't expect too much in the way of details, however. Currently, Gumpert is only revealing that the vehicle will boast an "unmistakable sound" and that it recently spent some time at the Altenburg Airport for an impromptu photo shoot.

Beyond that, all we know is what we can suss from the photo. The vehicle looks to be based on the company's Apollo heathen, as we can clearly see the pronounced fender arches, short hood and roof-mounted air intake, though the headlights look to have received some attention. Whatever the aesthetics, the vehicle is likely to bring plenty of power to the table... Gumpert isn't exactly known for its subtlety.

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