Oh My! See What Went Wrong With J. Lo's Fiat At The AMAs

J. Lo's quick thinking saved the number

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When Jennifer Lopez appeared on stage at The American Music Award, things did not go as planned. The glitches began when the Fiat 500 Gucci Edition she was supposed to hop into appeared on stage.

Lopez has a deal with Italian automaker Fiat which has included integrating the car into a recent music video, and appearing in ads for the brand.

The twitterverse exploded when the Fiat appeared on stage, with fans and even J.Lo's peers complaining the act was an over-the-top act of product placement. Singer John Legend tweeted that it was "shameless."

But the real surprise was not so much the car itself, but what happened when J. L tried to hop into the car. Can you spot what went wrong in the dance number?

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