The ranks of would-be/could-be/wannabe electric vehicles includes several that have three wheels and plenty of two wheeled transports that are already actively cruising the highways on nothing but those crazy electrons. However one-wheeled EVs are, if not quite as rare as a unicorn, at least a lot less common than the multi-wheeled alternatives.
Still, one wheel is all you get with Ryno's self-balancing scooter. Instead of standing on a platform as you would when using a Segway, Ryno riders take a seat and ride perched above a wheel that stays upright even at low speed.

Does it work? Over at Engadget, Tim Stevens has gotten a chance to go mano a mono with Ryno's latest prototype. Unlike the first version of the Ryno, which was difficult to keep stable when not moving in a straight line, the latest iteration displayed more controllable behavior and was responsive to the hand throttle, steering, and brakes. With a current top speed of only 15 miles per hour, the Ryno is definitely not highway (or even school-zone) compatible, but the design and capabilities of the eye-catching vehicle are still getting tweaked. The intent is to produce something that works for security guards and others who may need to patrol an area for an extended period.

Ryno designer Chris Hoffman has lined up five buyers for hand-built versions of the Ryno at $25,000 each. Once the Ryno moves into production, plans include a $4,000 consumer version that will be faster, have a removable battery and be good for 18 miles on a charge.

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