Airbnb considering car sharing service

If you have a vacation home that's currently vacant, an apartment you can part with, or you're simply going to be away from your home for an extended period, Airbnb allows you to turn your empty house or apartment into a temporary rental unit. Potential guests can peruse images of empty lofts, cottages, and condos around the world, see reviews from previous visitors, and lock in a reservation in a prime location for a fraction of the cost of going commercial.
Soon Airbnb may expand their leasing service to cover cars.

In a survey issued to its customers, Airbnb has included questions on whether its users would be willing to lease out their vehicles. Included is the question of whether they'd be willing to lease their wheels to someone who was not also enjoying a stay in their home.

Having recently raised a bunch investment money to build up its site, Airbnb may be well positioned to let its users compete not just with the Hiltons, but also with Avis. Airbnb has indicated that it is considering this move, but is looking to partner with an existing car sharing service.

Earlier this year, the start up Getaround entered the personal-leasing market with arrangements that include insurance coverage and variable fees for cars ranging from a Toyota Prius to a Tesla Roadster.

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