New 2013 Hyundai Genesis Coupe image leaks out [UPDATE]

We've already seen some pretty decent spy shots of Hyundai's facelifted Genesis Coupe, expected to arrive shortly carrying a 2013-model-year designation. But this low-res image from appears to be our first official look at the car, sitting low and mean on a racetrack.

The outgoing Genesis Coupe's front end was never exactly a model of simplicity, but this new one has a lot more going on, with an aggressive hexagonal grille and fascia opening that cribs from its new kid brother, the 2012 Veloster. There are headlamps and LED detailing on what looks like a higher-spec model, and a rather bizarre vented hood with an almost whaletail-like pattern.

We can't see too much of the bodyside, but it appears Hyundai has given the car new split five-spoke wheels. The model's plunging rear quarter window appears unchanged.

No official word yet on what's under the hood, but we're expecting both four- and six-cylinder power, as before, but we have reason to believe that a supercharged V6 is in the cards. Thanks to SEMA and Rhys Millen Racing, we now know that Hyundai's stonking 5.0-liter Tau V8 fits in the engine bay, but we'd be surprised if an eight-cylinder coupe shows up when the model is revealed at this January's Detroit Motor Show.

UPDATE: Apparently the image above is likely a Photoshop, despite very much like the spy shots we've already been shown. Even so, it appears to give a realistic view of the 2013 model.

Hyundai Genesis Coupe Information

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