Judge: Tesla will need to prove financial damage to win suit

Tesla's much publicized lawsuit against Top Gear has not been going well for the upstart electric car company. The British judge hearing the case tossed out the automaker's libel claim, and now this. According to The Guardian, Justice Tugendhat has issued a written judgment ordering Tesla to show how it has been financially damaged by the BBC's popular car show.

To put it quite simply, the judge is asking Tesla to show him the money, or he'll strike out the automaker's claim.

The Guardian also mentions that Tesla's claims against Top Gear can only be based on reruns of the infamous broadcast aired after March 2010, not the original trashing of the Roadster that aired back in 2008. This because of "strict time-period rules governing claims for malicious falsehood," says The Guardian.

It will be interesting to see how Tesla responds to this latest request, as the original suit named a value of "not more than £100,000."

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