Freestyle motorcycle riding in the French Alps film is gorgeous

Of the world's innumerable natural wonders, the French Alps are particularly spectacular. Stretching along the border between France and Italy, the mountain chain offers exceptional vistas and, for braver folk, incredibly challenging terrain. Freestyle trials rider Julien Dupont recently brought a few friends out for a day of playing in the mountains, and Ride the World Productions tagged along to film the whole event. The camera crew spent some time playing with its own toys, including a camera-equipped Air Drone remote-control helicopter.

The result is one very well-shot, very well-edited video of some impressive freestyle motorcycle riding. Watching Dupont work his magic with mountain and machine is a real treat, and it makes us itch for a little time in the saddle ourselves. Hit the jump to check out the full video for yourself. You can also poke around the RTWprod YouTube page for more clips of awesome riding.

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