Varley evR450 revealed at Australia Electric Vehicle Conference

The Varley evR450 is the absolute antithesis of everything the company behind it has done to date. You see, Varley Electric Vehicles has been producing utilitarian battery-powered machines for quite some time now. If you're in Australia and need a hard-working tug for for an airport or factory, this is the company you'd likely call. Now, if you desire a head-turning, Maserati MC12-like pluggable, you can call them for that too.

Rolled out at the 3rd annual Australian Electric Vehicle Conference, the bright yellow, butterfly-doored electric sportscar is designed to dash from zero to 100 km/h (62.14 miles per hour) in 3.8 seconds and top out at 200 km/h (124.3 mph). The base package should have a range of 150 km (93.21 miles) and cost less than $AU 200,000 ($213,200 U.S. at today's rates). The company says it will also offer a 300-km (186.4 mile) battery option.

Varley is still working out a few engineering details and isn't yet allowing anyone to drive or even take a photos under the hood yet – it says that it will officially launch the evR450 in January. Sales expectations for the low-carbon coupe are quite modest with the company happy to let "interest dictate volume".

While we wait for the privately-held company to release more details about their obverse offering, you are cordially invited to speculate in the comments sections below about why they are building this type of vehicle. You can also find the official press release waiting after the break.

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Press Release

Unveiling Australia's first electric supercar at Australia Electric Vehicles Conference 2011, 26 October, Brisbane.

In its world-first appearance, a full electric supercar based on Australian technology will be unveiled at the 3rd edition of Australia Electric Vehicle Conference on 26 October 2011 at
the Sebel & Citigate Hotel, Brisbane.

This Supercar called is manufactured by Varley Electric Vehicles, a Brisbane-based division of the Varley Group, a privately owned Australian company with a strong history in engineering, new technologies and specialised electric vehicles amongst others.

The will be displayed at the conference while its official market release is planned for early 2012. "You could expect seeing our driving on Queensland roads as early as January 2012" said John Bettini, Varley Electric Vehicles division manager. "We are proud of its technology based on Varley's long experience in electric vehicles and our close relationship with Tritium and Ultramotive, two other local technology companies".

Early indications of the performance are impressive:

o Calculated acceleration: from 0 to 100km/h in 3.8s
o Top speed: 200km/h (electronically limited)
o Range: 150km in its standard version, 300km with a range-extension pack (more batteries)
o Estimate retail price: below $200,000

About Varley Electric Vehicles :
Part of the Varley Group headquartered in the Hunter, Varley Electric Vehicles division is based in Brisbane. The Varley Group of Companies has been established for 125 years and is one of the oldest firms in the Hunter. The company has developed an extensive depth of knowledge and experience across a wide diversity of light and heavy engineering activities. Varley currently employ over 600 personnel in Australia, with numerous workshops located at Tomago, Carrington, Eraring, Melbourne, Ballarat, Virginia Brisbane, and Jakarta Indonesia.
Varley has an embedded innovative culture and an advanced skill base allowing it to compete against global companies in areas such as military aerospace, defence product development, innovative specialised vehicles, new technologies, electric vehicles and cost effective procedures to refurbish worn operating asset.

About the Australia Electric Vehicle Conference:
The Australia Electric Vehicle Conference is the national conference on EV's, running its 3rd edition this year. It focuses not just on EV's and their market introduction but as importantly on their impact onto the electricity supply, the provision of charging infrastructures, the development of policies, economics and the role EV's in a transition to greener transports.
The opening address will be delivered by Queensland Minister for the Environment, the Hon. Vicky Darling MP and will also feature key speakers such as Energex' CEO, Terry Effeney, ChargePoint's CEO James Brown or Adam Bandt, Greens' Federal MP for Melbourne, and is expected to attract over 200 industry leading experts . See the full program at

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