Pirelli teams up with Scott Campbell for tire tattoo art [w/video]

Pirelli teamed up with tattoo artist Scott Campbell for a special project at the tire manufacturer's newest flagship store in Milan, Italy. Campbell turned his skill with a needle and ink to tire sculpting. Using a gouge, the artist inscribed images of an eye, a heart and a skull into the tread of a Diablo Rosso II tire that was then fitted to a special-edition Ducati Diavel on display at the Corso Venezia store. Those same designs were also featured on a unique Dianese riding jacket alongside an image of St. Christopher, who is apparently the patron saint of motorcycle riders (who knew?).

Campbell said that this project actually marked the first time he had ever worked with rubber as a medium, and that the project required a substantial amount of research before he ever put tool to tread. The finished product doesn't look too bad for a rookie effort, if you ask us. Hit the jump to check out a quick video of the Diavel and its fancy footwear.

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