Tanner Foust recently saddled up in the Ford Focus RS 500 for a quick blast around the Nürburgring and brought a camera crew along for the ride. We were hoping to watch the hot shoe cane the life out of the 350-horsepower hatchback around the world's most infamous road course. Unfortunately, that's not what we got. Foust appears to have been held up by traffic on more than one occasion, and while he was able to stretch the Focus RS 500 to around 150 mph on at least two occasions, we weren't treated to any nail-biting footage. Well, that's not entirely true. Had we been the motorcycle rider Foust was tailgating, we would have likely found the TV star in the paddock later on and had a few choice words on topics like following distance and contact patch ratio.

Still, Foust has nothing but glowing praise for the hottest Focus of them all despite the vehicle's front-wheel drive tendencies. Hit the jump to check out the clip for yourself.

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