Back in mid-September, the three-wheeled Toyota Ku:Rin (air-wheel) whizzed down the strip powered by nothing more than a compressor that was originally designed for automotive air conditioning systems. The Ku:Rin posted a top speed of 80.3 miles per hour, rocketing it into the record books.

We've now gotten a hold of some footage of the Ku:Rin's record-setting dash down the tarmac. Seeing this tiny arrow of a vehicle, which is less than 11.5 feet long and 2.6 feet wide, blaze down the road at 80-plus mph makes even us automotive enthusiasts a bit claustrophobic and fearing for our lives if we were in the cockpit. The Ku:Rin is not exactly a versatile, grocery-getting machine, but once you hear this air-powered ride rip down the asphalt, you'll be blown away. Hit the jump to catch this streamlined air cruiser in action.

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