Vehicles like the sporty Tesla Roadster and capable Bremach T-Rex have gone a long way toward dispelling the perception that electric vehicles are only for your run-of-the-mill tree hugger. Sure, most EV owners would describe themselves as environmentally conscious, but with the variety of electric-powered rides on the market today, EVs can meet more needs than simply cutting down on local CO2 emissions. We've brought you episodes featuring all-electric motorcycles, go-karts, and race cars, but never has the common electrified ATV piqued our interest. Until now.

It's no surprise that the folks from EPIC got our attention with their AMP electric ATV. After all, their 232se electric sport boat had our blood sufficiently pumping earlier this year. And with 4-wheel disc brakes, a 2WD to 4WD toggle, and a 5-speed manual transmission, the EPIC Amp ATV delivered plenty of excitement as well.

The transmission is clutch-less, and skips gears 2 and 4, so essentially you have 3 selectable speeds. 3rd gear is the all-rounder, providing the best balance of acceleration and speed. 5th is needed to reach the Amp's top speed of about 50 mph. 1st is useful for rock crawling and steep grade ascent and descent. With no clutch to buffer, choosing the correct gear is a necessity for achieving control and efficiency.

With a 40 mile range at high speeds and a claimed 60 mile range according to EPIC's website, you might not be able to off-road all day, but fear not. EPIC claims you can recharge to about 80% capacity in 2 hours using a standard wall outlet. You were planning on taking a lunch break anyways, right?

A $17,900 MSRP is more than many new cars, but for the well-to-do outdoorsmen seeking a capable and mechanically silent ATV, the EPIC Amp deserves a look.

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