We've got good news for you if you've found your life suspiciously lacking in lasers. BMW plans to unveil new lighting technology within the next two to three years that uses highly focused beams of light to illuminate a dark road, according to Inside Line. The news comes courtesy of Hanafi Abdul, an optical systems designer for BMW, who said that a system using a photonic process to create white light is currently ready for production and awaiting the correct application.

A version of the technology has already bowed on the i8 Concept, thought Abdul said that the laser lighting system could arrive in dealerships before the production i8 heads to market in 2013.

The process uses Gallium Nitride to create blue light, which is then converted to white light with the help of a phosphor disc. So, why go laser? BMW claims that the system is 1,000 times brighter and 100 times smaller than traditional LED lighting while being twice as efficient. The system is said to have an average life span of around 10,000 hours.

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