Toyota builds giant arcade claw game to sell cars in Japan

There is no greater test of skill and dexterity than an arcade claw game. Open heart surgery? For amateurs. Watch making? Child's play. Plucking an oddly-shaped stuffed animal from the clutches of its brethren with nothing but three flaccid claws and a joy stick is what it's all about.

Toyota recently tapped into humanity's bizarre fascination with robotics, oversize stuffed animals and, of course, the claw game in a promotion for the company's tiny Ractis. Using a scaled-up version of the same game we all know and love, contestants battled for the keys to their very own sub-compact hatch.

Alright, so it's all more than a little weird. Whatever. We're more concerned with the fact that the winner will have a hard time fitting their huge stuffed bear into their apartment, much less their Ractis. Hit the jump to check out the insanity for yourself.

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