There is no greater test of skill and dexterity than an arcade claw game. Open heart surgery? For amateurs. Watch making? Child's play. Plucking an oddly-shaped stuffed animal from the clutches of its brethren with nothing but three flaccid claws and a joy stick is what it's all about.

Toyota recently tapped into humanity's bizarre fascination with robotics, oversize stuffed animals and, of course, the claw game in a promotion for the company's tiny Ractis. Using a scaled-up version of the same game we all know and love, contestants battled for the keys to their very own sub-compact hatch.

Alright, so it's all more than a little weird. Whatever. We're more concerned with the fact that the winner will have a hard time fitting their huge stuffed bear into their apartment, much less their Ractis. Hit the jump to check out the insanity for yourself.

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