350Green partners with SemaConnect to install 1,500 chargers nationwide

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U.S.-based plug-in vehicle charging network developer 350Green has purchased 1,500 ChargePro stations from SemaConnect for an undisclosed amount.

The units, designed for commercial-duty applications and equipped with integrated smart grid software, will be installed across the U.S. 350Green has not said where, exactly, these stations will be installed. Mariana Gerzanych, chief executive officer of 350Green, stated:
Anyone who owns, or is thinking about buying an electric vehicle, is concerned about how easy it will be to find a charge when they need one. As such, electric vehicles will never become truly mainstream until there is adequate public infrastructure support. These 1,500 chargers and our national network are aimed at getting us over the hump.
Back in late September, 350Green signed a similar 400-unit purchase deal with Coulomb Technologies.
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350Green Partners with SemaConnect on Largest Commercial Purchase of Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging stations

350Green will roll out 1,500 ChargeProTM stations across the US in 2011-2012

ANNAPOLIS, Oct. 4, 2011 – 350Green, a developer of electric vehicle (EV) charging station networks and SemaConnect, a leading developer and producer of smart networked electric vehicle charging stations and sophisticated EV station software, today announced the purchase of 1,500 ChargePro EV charging stations, the largest commercial order of EV charging stations to date.

As the number of electric cars on the roads increase, so does the demand for convenient charging. 350Green is helping to meet that demand by rolling out a national network of EV charging stations at major retail and commercial locations. "We're proud to partner with 350Green for the national launch of our ChargePro charging stations," said Mahi Reddy, CEO of SemaConnect. "Conveniently located charging stations will play a critical part in the adoption of EV's. With our stations, EV drivers have a safe, easy and reliable means of powering their vehicles."

The need for convenient, public charging is growing fast as most major automakers are already producing electric cars, or will be in the near future. The early focus on EV infrastructure has been on installing charging equipment in homes and municipal garages. However, many urban residents don't have access to home or garage units, and all EV drivers need to have the confidence they can find a charge if their battery runs low while they are on the road.

"Anyone who owns, or is thinking about buying an EV, is concerned about how easy it will be to find a charge when they need one," said Mariana Gerzanych, CEO of 350Green. "As such, EV's will never become truly mainstream until there is adequate public infrastructure support. These 1,500 chargers and our national network are aimed at getting us over the hump."

SemaConnect and 350Green's partnership aims to give all drivers a chance to participate in the EV revolution by increasing the number of EV charging stations located conveniently near where people live and work. Now, drivers can charge their electric cars while they shop, dine, or entertain themselves in a variety of commercial and retail locations in major metropolitan areas. 350Green's network is helping to make EV ownership a realistic option for thousands more residents.

Specifically designed for commercial-grade applications, SemaConnect's ChargePro Charging Station is a sleek, compact charging unit that is easily installed and integrated into developing and existing facilities at multifamily, office, retail, fleet and municipal parking locations. This intelligent, network-based EV charging system features: • Smart card authentication – for open or restricted access. • Smart Grid Integration – for easy energy metering and demand response. • Automatic billing/payment system – for easy revenue generation. • Easy Installation - use our turnkey solution or your own contractor.

About 350Green 350Green is a project developer that designs, builds and operates a scalable, nationwide network of electric vehicle (EV) charging stations. The company partners with retailers, commercial property managers and developers, and municipalities to locate charging stations at places near where EV drivers live and work. Current projects are underway in Illinois, Pennsylvania, California, and New York. The company has signed partnerships with Walgreens and Simon Property Group, among others. More information is available at www.350green.com.

About SemaConnect, Inc. SemaConnect is a leading provider of electric vehicle charging stations and sophisticated software for station owners and electric vehicle drivers. Our ChargePro Charging Stations utilize CDMA and Zigbee Wireless technology and offer advanced features such as smart-grid integration, RFID card authentication, sustainability reporting and more. To purchase your charging station, contact us at (410) 384 – 4223, or visit www.SemaConnect.com. Follow us on Twitter @Sema_Connect and learn more about EV infrastructure on our YouTube Channel, SemaConnect.

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