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Right now, most producers of electric vehicle chargers have concentrated their efforts on charging systems that can be utilized by commercial fleets, gas station franchises and city agencies. Market demands for charging systems in high-use areas such as those mentioned above have preceded demands for home users and apartment locations, but a Maryland-based company called SemaConnect is focusing on a new charging approach.

The company was founded two years ago and is employing an approach that targets both home and small business users by offering a charging system that allows owners to collect payment and profit through the use of its charger. The charger is a small, wall-mounted unit that utilizes a smart card reader to charge for access to electricity. Those who wish to use the system will secure a smart card from the owner of the system. The smart card is swiped for access and the user is assessed a predetermined monthly fee. The owner of the charging unit will be able to grant or deny access to the system.

SemaConnect estimates that owners of its charging system can easily collect $125 to $150 per month if the unit is utilized in high volume areas such as apartment dwellings. The charge for the system, including installation, will ring in around $2,500 to $3,000. The initial investment could result in a break-even time of two years with profit expected every year thereafter. Let's hope there aren't any legal issues.

Sema Connect charger
  • Sema Connect charger

[Source: Green Car Advisor]

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