New kit makes converting your Miata to electric power easier than ever

If you want a drop-top electric two seater and you have $100,000 burning a hole in your very high quality wallet, you can stop at on your local Tesla dealer to find satisfaction (if you hurry). However, finding an inexpensive convertible EV can be an issue – unless your plans include a Nissan Leaf and a chainsaw. Luckily, this very issue is something that EV Works' electric Miata conversion kit is here to address.

The EV Miata kit is ready whether you're DC or AC (motors, of course). It contains all the brackets and mounts needed to fit electric drive and batteries inside the first-generation Mazda Miata's classically attractive shell. At $2,500 for mostly mounting hardware, the kit leaves you to find a lot of the make-it-go parts on your own, but EV Works has detailed parts lists that should have you zoom-zooming in relative silence for up to 90 miles at a time for a total price around $20,000... plus a donor Miata, of course. If you can get by with a shorter range, they have conversion options that will cut the total project price to around $12,000.

Previous kits from EV Works only supported DC motors, but the new AC arrangement allows for a ride with greater performance and range.
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EV Work's EV Miata kit allows you to convert a first generation Miata to quick, quiet, clean electric drive. The kit allows for a wide range of components and now with AC support, the converted Miata can now travel 90 miles or more per charge.

San Francisco, CA, September 22, 2011 --( EV Works, announced today that their popular EV Miata kit now supports AC motors and controllers. EV Work's EV Miata kit is designed to bolt in to a first generation Mazda Miata, allowing EV enthusiasts, conversion shops or schools to convert a Miata to 100% electric drive.

Up to this point, the drive components supported by the EV Miata Kit were limited to DC. A revised motor mount now allows for a number of different motor and controller combinations – including those using AC. With the addition of AC, the EV Miata kit now supports the widest range of motors and controllers on the market today. AC is known for its efficiency and support of regenerative braking – allowing the motor to operate as a generator during braking. These advantages make AC a smart choice for long range electric vehicles.

"AC Support in the EV Miata kit allows you to build an electric Miata to go as fast or as far as you want - up to 90 miles on a single charge," explained Patrick Mackey, General Manager of EV Works.

The EV Works EV Miata kit is available to enthusiasts who wish to do the electric conversion themselves, conversion shops and schools. For more information visit

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