Skoda nixes prospect of building a sportscar

We have to admit we were more than a little bit intrigued when Skoda showed up at Wörthersee this year with the Fabia RS 2000 roadster you see here. The concept essentially took the company's S2000 rally machine, gave it a fresh coat of Kermit and chopped off the roof... with four seats and four doors still intact. But could such a vehicle ever be produced?

According to the latest reports from across the pond, the answer, quite simply, is "no". Apparently Skoda is fixated on reaching its sales targets, and while something could certainly be said for a halo vehicle – particularly one based on one of its top-selling volume models – the Czech automaker is not keen on distracting itself from the task at hand. (We'll just have to admire it from the updated high-res image gallery, then.)

That's a bit of a shame, especially since the VW subsidiary's line-up is, well, rather conservative. But don't go thinking that Skoda is about to give up on performance-oriented models altogether, though: the company will continue developing and producing its vRS line of hot hatches and sedans, like the Fabia, Octavia and even the upcoming production version of the MissionL concept debuted in Frankfurt. A Superb vRS performance sedan, however, is reportedly not in the cards, as the executive saloon is just too big to fit the bill.

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