Lit Up: GM RenCen wants more LED signs

General Motors is looking to deck the Renaissance Center in more LED lighting, according to a report from The Detroit Free Press. The manufacturer has already installed one ring of the colored lights at the top of its tower and has petitioned the City of Detroit to allow the building to be fitted with vertical LED strips along the exterior elevator of the main tower. GM also wants the city to relax its signage regulations to allow it to scroll messages across the sign at the top of the center tower.

GM says that the changes will remain very professional and won't make the RenCen look like a casino, as some locals have fretted. Part of that fear is based in the fact that the LED decorations are far brighter than traditional signage illumination, which makes the additions stand out against the Detroit skyline. But that may change soon. The owners of neighboring structures are currently looking into LEDs for their own use. So far, Detroit hasn't implied whether or not the city will agree to the GM requests.

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