GM plants begin ratifying new UAW deal, 15 so far

General Motors manufacturing facilities around the country have begun ratifying the tentative labor agreement between the automaker and the United Auto Workers. Both Flint and Lansing were the first plants to vote for the new deal over the weekend, though others are beginning to fall in line, including the St. Louis-area plant in Wentzville, which has been earmarked for a $380M investment to help build a new mid-size pickup, along with Spring Hill, Tennessee, former home of the now defunct Saturn brand. A total of 48,500 GM workers are expected to vote on the measure by the time the issue comes to a close. All-in, Reuters reports that 15 plants have voted for the new contract, three have voted against ratification, and there are 35 yet to vote.

The Detroit Free Press is also reporting that a deal with the Ford Motor Company may also be struck by week's end. The UAW is also continuing negotiations with Chrysler, which have endured some early hiccups.

GM and the UAW agreed on a deal that would see new entry-level workers receive a $2-3 hourly raise over the next four years, as well as a $5,000 signing bonus and a yearly $1,000 lump-sum inflation protection bonus.

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