Next Nissan GT-R may produce up to 570 hp

The Nissan GT-R is an impressive piece of machinery on a number of levels, but perhaps most astounding is the fact that it's performance continues to improve year over year. If the rumors kicking around NAGTROC forums are to be believed, that trend will continue for the 2013 model. Nissan reportedly held a European press event at the Nürburgring where the company unveiled some of its plans for the next-generation supercar. Thanks to new engine mapping, a revised intake and exhaust, the 2013 Nissan GT-R may produce as much as 570 horsepower – around 40 more ponies than the current variant. In addition, the transmission and suspension mapping will also receive minor adjustments.

Underneath, the vehicle will likely sport new aero tweaks for better cooling and efficiency, and the report suggests that the 2013 model will be even cleaner than its predecessors, emissions-wise. Don't expect any aesthetic adjustments, however. The model is expected to sally forth with no new color options or visual changes, though both the Premium Black and Egoist editions are anticipated to be available worldwide.

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