Ferrari tells the story of the Prancing Horse

Some automakers' logos are fairly straightforward, while some have a bit of a story to them. But few are as legendary as the Prancing Horse that has become synonymous with Ferrari.

So where did the logo come from? Ferrari's set out to put the record straight with this brief journey through the history of the company's icon, from the Italian WWI flying ace that had it on the side of his biplane through its adaptation as the logo of Scuderia Ferrari and the automaker that grew out of it.

The part Ferrari doesn't tell you, of course, is how the company and arch-rival Porsche came to adopt such similar logos. Legend has it that the aforementioned Italian pilot adopted the logo from a vanquished German foe, who displayed the Prancing Horse logo of his home town of Stuttgart – the same city where Porsche is based.

The rest, as they say, is history, and you can see it for yourself in the brief video clip after the jump.

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