728-hp Toyota Camry is the ultimate sleeper

A sleeper is any vehicle that appears to be slow, but is hiding an evil secret in its engine bay. Sleepers are scintillating machines that prove time and skill (and money) can turn a garden variety family sedan or station wagon into a street rocket ready to tackle those with far more cash to burn.

Take this Toyota Camry, for example – it just received a new lease on life courtesy of Canadian tuner Dynamotorsports. Under the hood sits a 3.0-liter V6 engine fitted with custom intake and exhaust manifolds, a big ol' HKS turbo and a whole lot of boost. The end result: a Camry that puts down 728 horsepower – at the wheels.

We imagine that mashing the gas results in a display of torque steer that would make Hercules weep as his arms thrash from side to side. Still, this is one Camry we would love to spend some time with, if only for a good laugh. Click past the jump to watch it attack a dyno.

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