BMW Motorrad Concept E is zero-emission two-wheeled travel

The BMW Motottad Concept E is an all-electric emissions-free scooter designed to deliver performance on-par with a 400-500cc commuter motorcycle. The 60-volt concept has a 60-mile range and can be completely recharged from a standard 110-volt outlet in just three hours.

As expected, the front of the scooter is fitted with a traditional telescopic front suspension while the rear features the automaker's signature single-sided swingarm.

The aerodynamic styling is unique, but not over-the-top, with neon green panels emblazoned with the concept's name on the side. The traditional rear-view mirrors are gone. Instead, they have been replaced by twin rear-facing video cameras that project images to twin LCD monitors in the cockpit. In addition to feeding live surrounding traffic information to the driver, the LCD monitors also deliver battery status, range and other essential vehicle information.

We can't help but like this two-passenger eco-scooter. It's hard to argue with something functionally stylish that offers a 60-mile range after a short three-hour charge. Bring it on, BMW!

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