Horacio Pagani shows eGarage the key to a Huayra

When your supercar approaches the seven-figure range cost range, you expect everything to wow you. Most automakers accomplish this feat except in a few small details, one of which is the very tool you use to bring your powerful engine to life: the key. Horacio Pagani didn't overlook this detail when bringing his Huayra into the world, and the car comes with a key that's nearly as cool as the machine it plugs into.

Composed of the same aluminum as the wheels on the Huayra, the Pagani key is a miniature model of the vehicle. The key splits into two halves, one of which is used in the ignition while the other has a USB stick to hold music for the audio system.

The supercar-loving lads from caught up with Mr. Pagani at Pebble Beach, where they were given a quick overview on the key. They captured it on video, and you can check it out by clicking past the jump.

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