Colin McRae found at fault in his own fatal helicopter crash

A judicial inquiry has found Colin McCrae at fault for the helicopter crash that killed the rally driver, a friend and two children, including Colin's son Johnny McCrae, in 2007. According to The Guardian, McCrae wasn't properly licensed to fly the helicopter, and he had undertaken a number of dangerous maneuvers in the air before crashing into a wooden hillside. The inquiry evaluated evidence related to the crash, including video taken by 36-year-old Graeme Arthur Duncan shortly before the impact. The video showed McCrae buzzing farm buildings at an elevation of 275 feet before banking sharply.

From there, the helicopter descended into a wooden valley before crashing down. First responders said that the aircraft struck the ground with such force that it was impossible to tell what sort of accident had occurred without further investigation.

Despite the finding, the McCrae family say that Colin was a capable and experienced pilot, and that they will never truly know what caused the crash.

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