Cheney admits he disagreed with Bush on GM bailout in new memoir

Former United States Vice President Dick Cheney didn't hold back when it came time to write his memoir of his time in office. Cheney has taken shots at everyone from Colin Powell to Condoleezza Rice, and according to The Detroit News, the VP wasn't thrilled about the idea of pulling General Motors out of financial dire straits. The memoir reveals that Cheney would have preferred that the Bush Administration hadn't bailed out General Motors with a $13.4 million rescue package and that he was disappointed, "but not surprised" that the Obama Administration took further steps to keep the world's largest automaker afloat.

Cheney said that he felt that bankruptcy was the right option.

Even so, the former vice president defended the $700 billion Troubled Asset Relief Program designed to pull U.S. banks out of hot water, saying that the U.S. government was the only body able to protect the banking system from collapse. Private companies, Cheney said, should be judged by the marketplace.

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